“2018 is the year to make things happen for you!”


January is the month of getting over the eating, drinking and crazy shopping trips for Christmas. If like me you have an arms length list of New Years Resolutions you’ll be wanting to make 2018 the year of making things happen for you. Those things you put off for what seems like forever can finally becoming a reality.

If you have been thinking about turning that passion of yours in to a thriving business, or taking your business online, now is the best time to take action. Imagine handing in your notice to your manager, leaving the 9 to 5 rat race and being your own boss. It all starts with a first step, which can feel like the most difficult of all.


Nothing can be achieved without action


Often the biggest hurdle making the first step seem like climbing Everest is the lack of clear information showing how to start a business online. Where to start, what do you need to know, how to make sure you’re not paying too much, how to get your website on the internet, how do customers find me etc…. it feel like there are many things to know and many too confusing to understand.

A very useful point to note here is your web designer can not only help answer all these questions for you, but can carry out all of this work themselves. You may be wondering what questions your web designer will ask, how much your website will cost and what will be expected of you. I’ve put together a list below of helpful tips and useful to know information:



Where do I start?

Really the first and best place to start is to contact a website designer. Every business and website need is different, and your website designer will be the best person to be able to understand from you what you are looking for, and what your options are. They may have some questions for you (which we’ll cover in the section below) and from there they can provide you a quotation (Note: remember a web designer should never charge you for a quotation, if talk of payment for a quotation is asked for then I’d advise looking elsewhere)



What Questions Will I Be Asked by a Web Designer?

Don’t panic. Web designers know and understand you may not be a techie or know how to program code! Good website designers will discuss your options as jargon free as possible. Here though are some common questions that may be asked:

  •  What is the website going to be used for?
    • Whether you wish to sell products online, or whether you would like a website to simply promote you or your business and a contact page allowing your customers to reach you;
  • Do you already have a website name (e.g. www.vodafone.co.uk or www.netflix.com etc…) and or hosting?
    • If you have these already you will know. If you don’t, don’t worry simply say no. It’s something your web designer can help you with anyway;
  • Do you have some examples of websites you like the look of, or popular websites in your industry or niche?
    • A good web designer will never simply copy someone else’s work, but by knowing websites you find eye catching, and also understanding your competitors, will help your web designer get an understanding of designs you have a preference for and also try to understand what is working in your industry and how to use that information to help your website and business succeed;
  • Tell Me About Your Business or Business Idea;
    • Here your web designer is looking to understand more about the business behind the website;

At this point your web designer should be armed with all the information they need in order to discuss the options with you and provide a price for your website



How Much Will My Website Cost?

Unfortunately there are so many factors involved that it’s almost impossible to answer that question without the answers to the questions in the section above. Every website designer should offer a free no obligation quote – so it doesn’t hurt to find out more



What are the Running and Ongoing Costs of Having a Website?

Owning and running a website need not be expensive. Once your website is built the ongoing costs to keep the website active are the monthly or annual fees for your website name and hosting. For small websites the price can be as little as £10 per month. Of course making further changes to your website will be at additional charges.



How Does My Website Appear on the Internet?

This task can be a little technical but fortunately it’s a task your web designer should do for you. Once your website has been built, and you are fully happy with everything, they can move your website on to your hosting account using an FTP program – and voila, your website will now be working and visible on the internet!




You will have the idea and the vision but it’s the job of your web designer to bring that vision to life, and take care of all the technical aspects. You should be free to build your grow your business to the success it deserves!

Here at Bexhill Website Design we don’t just build websites, we help to create the online presence you need to successful grow your business. We can help you every step of the journey and have your new website for your business up and ready for you in no time!

Best of luck for 2018!